If you can help with the following, please contact Robert Bayliss on rob28@live.co.uk. Thanks.


Dear Notts Athletic Club,

I am currently writing my dissertation at Nottingham Trent University. The topic of this is to see the comparison of psychological characteristics between team and individual based sports in youth athletes. I am interested in this area as I have personally worked in both areas, and have always been fascinated in how behaviours / personalities / psychological constructs (such as the use of imagery and confidence) change and vary throughout development.

To test this, I am using questionnaires (called the psychological characteristic of Developing Excellence Questionnaire (PCDEQ)), needing 50 athletes (25 team and 25 individual) at a range of ages (between 13-20) with experience of playing at a high standard (county level or above).

I was wondering whether you could help me to collect this data; ethical clearance has already been granted.

If you have an questions I am more than happy to answer them.

Kind Regards

Robert Bayliss



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