On the Tuesday 16th August, I am running from Staveley, just south of Sheffield, to Quorn just south of Loughborough as day 7 of a 10 day Edinburgh to London Challenge to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and B-eat, the eating disorder charity.

My route brings me through Hucknall on Nottingham Road, joining St Albans Road and briefly onto Western Boulevard. I then fork off at Nuthall Road before following the roads round past Queens Medical Centre and on to Clifton Boulevard. I follow this out of the city onto Clifton Lane, merging onto Nottingham Road which I follow through Gotham and to East Leake.  I have attached a link to the Mapmyrun route below.  Any advice you can give me on the route would be much appreciated.


As I am from Leeds and my knowledge of the Nottingham area is limited to driving to Queens Medical Centre, I was hoping whether you would be able to put a message out to your road runners for anyone who may like to join me running through the Nottingham area. It would be very much welcomed if anyone was available to help guide me through the Nottingham area and out the other side to the Gotham area. I am not going to be running at a fast pace (I predict around 4mph, running interspersed with walking) so it will be a speed for all abilities.  I am also hoping to hear other runners stories and adventures to help motivate me and inspire me as I make the journey.  As with most runners, I find meeting and talking with people enables me to go that wee bit faster than I hope.

Kind regards,

Nathan Berry

07821 068599/@1footinfrontuk



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