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To all Members and friends of Notts Athletic Club

The next stage of our athletics stadium upgrade is to renew the jumps facilities.

We are currently in the middle of Pole Vault improvements. We have taken delivery of
new landing mats and covers and we are waiting the delivery of a ‘plinth’ which will
raise the bed off the floor. This alone is costing £8,000.

The next areas for improvement are the High Jump ‘fan’ which we are having extended
and re-surfaced, and a new 7 metre Triple Jump take-off board inserted on the jumps
runway. In addition the pole vault “box” is to be re-positioned in line with current
regulations. The cost of these have been quoted at almost £40,000 and the purpose
of this letter is to ask Notts AC members, both past and present, to help us with a cash
donation to the Development Fund. Attached is a donation form, please note the tick
box for Gift Aid as this will increase your donation by 20%.

Please give generously as it is vital that we keep the Stadium fully equipped and
operational as an athletics venue.

The names of all donors and any personal messages will be recorded and displayed
on a visual graphic in the clubhouse, similar to the ‘Buy a Brick’ scheme from 2005
where many people posted their own personal messages and tributes.

Your support, as always, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Mick Robinson



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