Congratulations and Good Luck to all of the 30 Notts AC athletes and their coaches on their selection for the English Schools Championships this weekend (7th / 8th July).

Sophie Hodgson (High Jump)                    Adam Gallie

Lauren McNeil (800m)                                Martyn Gibbons

Ben Smith (200m)                                      Gia Skervin

Ellie Brown (100m)                                     Gia Skervin

Lily-May Lawrence (80m H)                       Gia Skervin

Lauren Tyrell (200m)                                  Gia Skervin

Mayah Charles (Long Jump)                      Nigel Kesteven / Gia Skervin

Jacob Clark (Pole Vault)                             Maxine Robbins

Felicia Miloro (Pole Vault)  2nd Claim         Maxine Robbins

Daisy Barnes (Pole Vault)                          Adam Lyons

Bethany Newton (Pole Vault)                     Adam Lyons

Anna Purchase (Hammer)                         Rob Careless

Poppy Bean (Hammer)                              Rob Careless

Tilly Allsopp (Hammer)                              Rob Careless

Harry Ilyk (Hammer)                                  Rob Careless

Kiarra Francis (Shot)                                 Rob Careless

Brandon Wright (Shot)                              Rob Careless

Nathan Wright (Shot)                                Rob Careless

Christian Archer (Shot)                             Rob Careless

Emeka Illione (Shot)                                 Daniel Brunt / Paul Bean

Poppy Malik (200m)                                  John Davis / Grant Barker

Indiana Malik (300m)                                John Davis / Grant Barker

Alex Cooper (300m)                                 John Davis / Grant Barker

Charlie Price (400m H)                             John Davis / Grant Barker

Milan Campion (1500m)                           John Davis / Grant Barker

Brendon Foster (Long Jump)                    Nigel Kesteven

Rimini Miloro (Triple Jump)                       Nigel Kesteven

Ben Mattinson (100m)                              Dave Hourd

Loreni Jorge (100m)                                 Dave Hourd

Emily Coope (100m) HCA Amber Valley   Dave Hourd

Also, Molly Palmer (Charnwood)              Nigel Kesteven



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