England Athletics have produced guidelines as a club that we need to follow to ensure the safety of athletes, coaches and the general public whilst using a track facility for training. From this information the club needs to produce a Covid 19 action plan and risk assessment. The committee have now completed our action plan. We are just waiting to hear from the Council with regard to when we can use the track and any extra guidelines that we need to follow. Once we have this information then our action plan and risk assessment can be completed, therefore allowing us to use the track again for club training.

Training will NOT be the same as before lockdown, below are some main points:-·

  • Numbers allowed on the track at one time will be a lot less than before.
  • Only coaching groups totalling 6 will be allowed to train together – 1 coach and 5 athletes.
  • Social distancing will be adhered to at all times – England Athletics guidelines are 2m at this time.
  • At this time training will be prioritised and limited to fully paid up members of the club – no guests allowed and also there will be no induction nights at this moment.
  • The track will be zoned allowing as many athletes as possible to concurrently train in safety whilst optimising space of the whole track – more information to follow.
  • A rota will be drawn up aiming to ensure all coaches / athletes have equal opportunity to train.
  • Our Covid 19 action plan has been designed to keep all athletes, coaches and parents (users of the track) as safe as possible. Full details will be posted once we hear from the Council and have a proposed start date for using the track.As and when England Athletics change their guidelines we will adapt our action plan accordingly.



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