My name is Charlotte Saunders and I am studying a Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the Nottingham Trent University. I was previously a member of Nott’s Athletics Club beginning in the Under 15’s and participating through to the Senior age group. My passion for the sport and enjoyment during my time with the club has inspired me to pursue these studies in order to offer something back to the sport in the form of research. The study that I am conducting for my masters is titled:

The relationship between the attributions of significant others, and positive youth development.

I am contacting you to ask for your support in recruiting four young athletes from Nott’s AC to participate in this project. The study also requires the involvement of each young athlete’s coach and their most involved parent in their athletics participation. I am hoping to interview each participant once to find out the following:

  • Outline the similarities, differences and interactions between attributions (reasons) given by young athletes, their parents and their coaches for successful and unsuccessful competitive performances in athletics.
  • Investigate how parents and coaches can positively influence their young athletes to effectively attribute following competitions in order to promote improved performance and prolonged participation in the future.
  • Understand how effective attributing in youth sport can complement positive youth development assets (some examples include: self-esteem, discipline, communication, positive attitude, motivation, resilience, and emotional self-regulation). Providing further research support for the relationship between involvement in youth sport and productivity and wellbeing in adulthood.


I am awaiting ethical approval for this study, however I am reaching out in advance in preparation for the ethics board’s response hopefully within the next month. By contributing to this study, the participants will be providing data that will be an asset not only to the athletics community but could also be generalised to youth sport as a whole to promote performance, participation, support, communication and wellbeing.


Following the study I can then offer a report or a talk that will summarise the results and their application for the future that could be of great benefit to athletes, parents and coaches.


I anticipate your response, please ask if you require any further information.


Kind regards,


Charlotte Saunders




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