Over many years these two trophies have been awarded to the Notts Senior athlete who has gained the most points by competing in a number of road races from March through to September.  With races being cancelled – this will take place as a virtual fun competition.  Well almost all the races.  If we are allowed to compete then the races will be ‘real’.  So this is how it will work:

  • If the race is cancelled – the athlete needs to run that same distance on the specified date and submit a photograph of their watch indicating the time taken and distance covered.
  • If the race is ‘live’ and ‘real’ then the athlete has to compete in it and wear their Notts AC vest to get points. 
  • For virtual events – you have 24 hours to submit your times. 
  • In each gender whoever, runs the quickest time scores 10 points and so on until the 10th fastest scoring 1 point.  All athletes finishing below the 10th position will still score 1 point.  (This is the same as how it has operated before).
  • At the end of the season – the person with the most points will be declared the winner.

Please note that this is being organised as a bit of fun and something for athletes to focus on. 

The races are as follows:

  • May 6th                  BMC Virtual Mile                                          1 mile
  • May 27th                Summer League @ HPP                                  5 miles
  • June 17th               Summer League @ Wollaton Park                5 miles
  • June 19th               Notts ‘10’ @ HPP                                           10 miles
  • June 23rd              HPP Grand Prix @ Rushcliffe Country Park    4 miles
  • June 30th              HPP Grand Prix @ Uni of Nottm                    5 miles
  • July 15th                Summer League @ Worksop                         5 miles
  • July 24th               Notts AAA ‘5k’ @ Newstead Abbey           5k
  • August 5th            Summer League @ Teversal                          6 miles
  • August 7th            Formula 1 10k @ Uni of Nottm                     10k
  • September 6th     Wilne 10k                                                     10k
  • September 27th   Robin Hood Half Marathon                         13.1 miles

All results are to be submitted to Wendy Kane at and will be updated on the link below.

At the time of writing – all races until the end of June have been cancelled.

Have fun, enjoy and keep racing!!!



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