BendouglasmanchestermarathonTraining before Manchester 2016: 

Standard Week: 

Mon – 75mins or 10-12 miles easy (6.30-7.30 mins/mile, HR around 140)

Tue – Long intervals and/or tempo e.g. 4x1mile plus 10x400m

Wed – As Mon

Thur – As Mon

Fri – Interval session, similar to Tue

Sat – As Mon

Sun – Long run roughly 2hrs or 20miles 

Average mileage was 75 miles per week during the 12 week build-up.  

During the build-up I had a decent run at the national finishing 44th, and 2nd place at the Liverpool half marathon with a PB of 67.49. Manchester itself didn’t quite got to plan, was on for 2.21 at the halfway but then the wheels fell off at mile 22, and went from 5.24 mins/mile to 6.50 mins/mile. Painful experience, but lesson learnt in running your own race. I got a bit caught up in going with the lead group when deep down I felt the pace was a little too quick. Although sometimes it is good to be optimistic, occasionally it can backfire! 

Things I could have improved upon in my build-up looking back are a bit more mileage, and I missed a few long runs due to races. I should have still completed the long runs earlier in the week and then raced.

 Advice I would give to most runners is that many people tend not to do enough mileage in their training. So they end up pushing their steady runs too hard to make the mileage they do ‘count’ more. But in my opinion you cannot substitute mileage for running less miles a bit too fast. It is not the same. And if you are doing a reasonable volume, then you need to have discipline in your interval sessions, not to do them flat-out as this can push you over the edge and into overtraining, which isn’t a great place to be.

 My goals now are to have a decent run at Highgate 10,000m and up the mileage a little bit while keeping my training consistent, and fingers crossed keep on improving.



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