Be Seen!…

Be Safe!…

Be Aware!

A reminder to all you road runners out there!

I have been rightly asked to remind you all about your safety when out running on dark winter nights.  Most of us will have been aware of the fairly recent tragic road accident which led to the untimely deaths of two young ladies from Aldershot Farnham & District AC, and only this week a young female was attacked locally whilst running alone.

So, a plea to all of you – be seen, be safe and be aware.

A few pointers for safe training –

1)  Try not to run alone.  Small groups (or larger ones) are much safer and

      more companionable.  High viz clothing is ideal.  Be seen!

2)  If you have to run alone, ALWAYS let someone know when and where

      you are going and a guide as to what time you should be expected to

      return.  If your plans change for any reason, notify them.  Be safe!

3)  NEVER wear headsets whilst out running.  This is very dangerous!

      You will be unaware of traffic or other noises and are more vulnerable

      to personal attack.  Be aware!

You have a right to run, but you also have a responsibility to keep yourselves as safe as possible.


                                                   Angela Roe – Welfare Officer   January 2017



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