• The individual championships are a 3 race series.
  • The team championships are held ONLY in the final race of the 3 race series.

The races are:

  1. Wolf’s Pit and selection race for the UK Intercounties Fell Championships Saturday May 11th Flower Scar (Todmorden) (Individual champs race 1)
  2. Chrome Hill (Individual champs race 2)
  3. Longshaw Sheep Dog Trials (Individual champs race 3; and team champs race)

Age categories for men and women: senior; V35-44; V45-54; V55-64; V65-74; and V75+.


  • All runners must run for their first claim club that affiliates to fell and hill running.
  • In the individual championships all 3 races can be run and the best 2 results count.
  • Scoring will be 1st = 1 point, 2nd = 2points, 3rd = 3 points etc in the open race and for age category races eg MV45-54  1ST = 1 point, 2nd = 2 points etc.
  • Age categories for men and women: senior; V35-44; V45-54; V55-64; V65-74; and V75+.
  • Final placings based on lowest cumulative points from 2 races.
  • In the event of any final tied scores then placings are decided by head-to-head result, then followed by position in race 3 and then position in race 1.
  • In the event of any race category medal winning position and other finishing positions not having the necessary 2 race finishes, one race result will count.
  • In the team championships there are only two categories ie senior men and senior women and will be the first 3 finishing runners in race 3 only.
  • Team scores are the lowest aggregate score of the first 3 runners as described above. In the event of tied scores then the higher placed (lowest points) 3rd scoring runner counts.
  • Only the first 3 scoring runners of each club count in the team championships.
  • In the event of one or more championship race being cancelled then the championships will be 2 scores from 2 races or 1 from 1 race. If the team championship race is cancelled a replacement race will be found before the end of 2019 and which will also act as the 3rd individual championship race.
  • Close to each race date please check the Notts AAA website and that of each race for information regarding race cancellation – especially so for Wolf’s Pit in March when weather is unpredictable and conditions on the hill could deteriorate rapidly forcing race abandonment.


Please remember that you enter all races at your own risk. It is an FRA requirement that all competitors in fell races have read, understand and comply with the runners rules (see link below).

Bring full kit as described in the FRA link below to all races and be expected to carry it – this is mandatory for Wolf’s Pit but usually not required for races 2 and 3 BUT STILL BRING KIT TO THESE.

In the event of failure to carry appropriate kit throughout a race this will lead to race and championship disqualification. Kit checks occur before and at the end of races.


  • Waterproof top with attached hood and taped seams
  • Waterproof leggings with taped seams
  • Hat and gloves
  • Map to navigate the course; silva type compass; and whistle
  • Food
  • Wear clothes suitable for the conditions. In 2018 Wolf’s Pit was cancelled due to deep snow and cold conditions – in March weather conditions can turn for the worse quickly, don’t skimp on kit and be prepared. It is not necessary to wear club vests but if conditions allow then that would be welcome. These are fell races so studded fell type running shoes are advised.


  • Races are all entry on the day with no pre-entry requirement. On race day pay and register at the race desk then go to the Notts desk with your number and fill in a race day form for the Notts championships with no additional race fee.


  • Results will appear on the race website, FRA website results section and on the Notts AAA website. The championship results will be compiled from each races results and scores after race 1 and then race 1 and 2 combined will be placed on the Notts AAA website – this may take some time as it is dependent on how quickly race results are processed and made available by the race organisers – thanks in advance for being patient!


  • Individual and team medals will be presented after the Longshaw Sheepdog Trial race – it may take a little while to compile the results from all races so again, thanks in advance for being patient while the small band of volunteers process the results. Go and enjoy the sheep dog trials, homemade produce, real ale and café at the show before the presentation!


FRA rules are here:


Under FRA Documentation follow Runners then tabs for

Requirement for Runners ie rules

And also see Hypothermia leaflet and First on the scene

Race information is in the 2019 FRA race calendar and at:


Then select month of race

Wolf’s Pit Sunday March 17th 1100 AS category 9km / 5.6m 450m / 1476ft  www.braddadads.wordpress.com

Chrome Hill Saturday June 29th 1400 BS category 6.4km / 4m 213m / 699ft   www.hollinsclough.staffs.sch.uk

Longshaw Sheepdog Trials  Saturday August 31st 1030 BS category 8.6km / 5.3m 320m 1050ft www.dpfr.org.uk/pages/view/longshawsheepdog- trials

If you require further information please contact:


Please let your club mates know about the champs and I look forward to seeing you all at the races,

Dicky Wilkinson January 2019



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